Foodpack Asia 2018

Food Pack Asia has been with great recognition as one of the leading events mainly for sourcing, trading and investing in Food processing and Packaging industry. Producers, operators, distributors throughout Asia. Both Thai and foreigners, in food and beverage , food processing, food packaging and other related industries all look forward to this annual event not only for trading and sourcing for their businesses but also for updating information, knowledge and modern technologies. Meanwhile, they can make connections with others in the event or other channels available through this event, and they can also form their own networks starting from this annual gathering show. All in all, Food Pack Asia has served the industry and businesses in several roles that lead Thailand’s food/beverage, food packaging, and related industries towards success in the global arena.
In the 9th Food Pack Asia 2018, the show will center on the latest ideas and practices in food and packaging industry as to promote and support Thailand’s food and packaging businesses to be in their full capacity and step beyond any static frame of thinking seamlessly for the era of Food Tech 4.0 Thus, the event in 2018 is aimed to show off new looks and new perspectives for the coming revolution in food and beverage manufacturing and service in Thailand. As digital technology is seen to increasingly dominate and play a big role in most industries, it is inevitable for the owners, operators and professionals in food industry, food processing industry, food packaging industry and beverage industry as well as other industries related to food and beverage to improve for the better, if not the best. Many also need to hang on in the mainstream towards the new era or some would prefer stay ahead of their competitors in the markets as possible. And the answers for all those needs are in the 9th Food Pack Asia 2018—that are innovations, state-of –the-art technologies and more with digital technology –Food Tech 4.0.