TTBagS_largeProcessors wanting the premium look of shrink bags with the secure clip closure that customers identify with fresh can rely on the TTBagS. With a low cost of entry, the base model TTBagS allows manual feeding of product into shrink bags opened by sensor activated air flow. Constant bag tension is maintained by two auto take-up wheels. In this configuration, a single operator can bag up to 40 birds per minute. This is an ideal setup to support automated vacuum packaging systems such as the TIPPER TIE Rota-Matic for higher throughput and productivity. The TTBagS is also offered as a standalone bagging and clipping station with the addition of up to two hocking stations, vacuum nozzles and pump, and TIPPER TIE clippers. You may also choose to connect the TTBagS to the plant’s vacuum system. The TTBagS is available with an auto-tagger and ink stamp or ink jet printers.

Customer Value

  • Specifically designed for the poultry market
  • Vacuum-tight packages with extra strong clip closure
  • Easily integrates with existing bagging lines and shrink tunnels
  • Ideal companion to fully automated vacuum packaging systems such as the Rota-Matic
  • Simple, easy operation
  • Hygienic, easy clean, stainless steel construction
  • Interchangeable accessories for flexibility as your business grows

Technical data

Air Consumption
No clipper
1 clipper
2 clippers
240 l/min @ 6 bar (8 SCFM @ 80psi)
360 l/min @ 6 bar (12 SCFM @ 80psi)
480 l/min @ 6 bar (16 SCFM @ 80psi)
Electrical Requirements 120 VAC or 240 VAC
Clip Type Z95, 100T or K100, plastic clips
Dimensions (w x d x h)*

* Dimensions without hocking
stations or clippers.

1187,4 mm x 558,8 mm x 920,6 mm
(46.75″ x 22″ x 36.25″)
Weight 136 kg (300 lbs)


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