TTBagH (TB15)

TTBagH (TB15)

TTBagH-TB15_largeThe TIPPER TIE TTBagH (formerly known as TB15) is the poultry industry’s premier machine for packaging whole birds in an efficient and economical way. Hassle free operation allows for one operator to run up to 15 packages per minute. Machine operation is simple: it opens the bag, the operator puts the bird into the bag (compressing the legs tightly), gathers the bag, applies a secure clip closure and places the finished packages onto a conveyor. Consistent, quality finished packages are ensured through the machine’s leg clamping system, which holds the bird in place during the clipping sequence. The TTBagH system is equipped with a special clipper that utilizes a choice of three clips -Z95 series, 100T series, and plastic clips, which apply extra strong, secure closures and allow for long production runs. What’s the result? A tight and appealing, securely clipped finished package.

Customer Value

  • Promotes ergonomics by eliminating the need for the operator to hock the birds
  • Fits most existing bag lines
  • Holds bird in place, consistently producing quality finished packages
  • Guarantees an extra strong, secure closure and allows for long production runs
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Efficient and economical

Technical data

Air Consumption/Operation 33 CFM @ 90 PSI (6,2 bar)
Electrical Requirements 120 VAC or 240 VAC
Clips Z95 series, 100T or K100, plastic clips

* Dimensions do not include
hocking stations or clippers.

78″ x 27″ x 73.5″ (1981 x 686 x 1867 mm)
Weight 450 lbs. (204,1 kg)
Options Various sized horns and pushers available
Bags Plain or pre-padded, wicketed bags


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