Rota-Matic-largeTIPPER TIE offers a variety of dependable air-powered, vacuum packaging systems, and both of the Rota-Matic machine models fall into this category. In fact, these production-oriented Rota-Matic I & III machines are designed to reduce total package costs while also producing high-integrity vacuum packages. The system consists of 8 or 16 rotating vacuum nozzles, a rotating product table and a specially developed TPPER Clipper. This clipper accomodates a full range of bag types and sizes from 8″ to 20″.

Economical to operate and maintain, the Rota-Matic III produces a skin tight vacuum package without purge. It handles a variety of product sizes and shapes without adjustment and is perfect for all poultry products, sausages, hams and cheeses.

The Rota-Matic I is designed for poultry (specifically turkeys and large turkey parts) and can vacuum package 16 to 40 pieces per minute.


  • Clockwise or counter-clockwise machine rotation
  • Clippers for Z200, E500 or Z400 series TIPPER TIE clips

Technical data

Dimensions Model I: 92.75″ diameter/57″ high
Model II 8 stations: 71″ diameter/57″ high
Model III 16 stations: 91″ diameter/57″ high
Air pressure control Clipper Z2151: 0.773 scfm @ 80 PSI, Clippers E5151 and Z4151: 0.984 scfm @ 80 PSU
Electrical requirements All models: 220 Volt, 30 AMPS/440 Volt, 15 AMPS, 3 phase
Clip types Z200, Z400

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