Clipper Vac machine (CVW)


d7f5bec72cIdeal for red meats, processed meats, smoked meats, cheeses, poultry, and cook-ins. The Clipper Vac machine draws a vacuum, gathers the bag neck, applies a secure, vacuum tight TIPPER TIE clip closure, and then trims the excess bag tail. Simplified valving for faster cycles and increased reliability means more productive hours per day. Maximum operator safety through improved machine guarding.


  • Choice of two different size clippers
  • Height adjustable product tray
  • Equipped with crimp control
  • Gate actuated clipping
  • Utilize special Z series stick clips
  • Designed for the harsh processing environments


  • Product tray accommodates a wide variety of shapes and sizes and facilitates clipping
  • Precise clip closure pressure to fit your needs
  • Allows operator to quickly and easily insert package to be clipped
  • Z series clips are specifically designed for maximum strength vacuum closure
  • Quick and easy to wash down and sanitize


  • Poultry products (whole and part)
  • Red and processed meats
  • Smoked meats
  • Works with all types of plastic bags
  • Cheeses
  • Cook-in products
  • General vacuum packaging needs

Clip Size and Style

  • Z201
  • Z211
  • Z401
  • Z411

Technical data

Electrical Requirements 110 Volt, 50/60Hz @ 6 amps CVEC Option: 240 Volt, 50 hz @ 3.2 amps
Air Consumption .8cfc @ 80psi
Max Output 20 cycles per minute
Clipper AZ2100LM, AZ4100LM
Clips AZ2100: Z201, Z211; AZ4100: Z401, Z411
Dimensions 34.3″ x 22.2″ x 58.3″ (87,2 x 56,3 x 148 cm)
Weight 250 lbs. (113,4 kg)
Options Gas flush system, Table with rollers

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