BC400_largeThe BC400 Porta-Tie makes the task of clipping bags truly portable and easy. And why shouldn’t it be? The user simply holds the bag in one hand and the clipper in the other. With one quick press of a button, the bag is closed. It’s that fast!

The Porta-Tie also has the ability to operate from a hanging position making it even more convenient. So, there is no operator straing from manually lifting the machine. A cycle of up to 15 units per minute can be attained, and the machine can use up to three different clip sizes without exchanging any machine parts.

Technical data

Clip types 390, 400, 425, 450
Magazine capacity 115 clips
Air required per cycle 0.06 cu ft
Air pressure 87 psi
Dimensions 15″ x 5.5″
Height clipping head 14.2″
Weight clipping head 8.1 lbs
Total weight 11.2 lbs

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