LW 82-22

Shop mincer LW22 / LW82

LW82-22The compact table mincer with a feeding funnel of Ø 52 mm for shops. It is applicable everywhere else fresh minced meat is needed in portions. It is very simple to clean and operate and available in Enterprise or Unger cutting system. The LW82 can also be equipped optionally with an 5-part cutting set.


Serial equipment

  • one speed
  • worm and lock nut stainless
  • stand and bowl of stainless steel
  • stodger
  • turn-rotary-connexion with reverse
  • mincer housing
  • pull-out hook
  • cable set with CEE-phase connector
  • 4 stainless steel anti vibration metal-feet

Technical Data

cutting system LW22: Enterprise E22 / LW82: Unger H82
Perforated plate diameter LW22: 83 / LW82: 82 mm
Bowl volume 6 Ltr
Hourly output with perforated plate 3 mm ca. 350 kg/h
Filling height 462 mm
Outlet height (with cover) 172 mm
Machine dimensions B x T x H LW22: 415 x 437 x 462 / LW82: 415 x 476 x 462 mm
Motor tension (3Ph) 400 V
Motor capacity / Protection system IP55 1,25 kW
Nominal current at 400 V 3,1 A
Conductor cross-section 1,5 mm2
Fusing at 400 V (A lazy) 16 A
Noise level 70 dB(A)
Weight net LW22: 60 – 62 / LW82: 62 – 64 kg
drawing LW22
drawing LW22
drawing LW82
drawing LW82




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